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Sarasota Temple MarriagePlanning a wedding is no simple matter, but at Temple Beth Sholom, we're here to help. A Jewish wedding is celebrated with music, special blessings, and a wedding canopy all or part of which can take place at the synagogue.

The rabbi usually officiates and offers special words of blessing and encouragement and many couples choose to have the rabbi and cantor co-officiate. However, it is vitally important to understand that there are certain times of the year when Jewish weddings do not take place because of other holidays and observances, and so couples must consult with the rabbi and cantor before choosing the final date and making other arrangements.

It is also important to note that it is the policy of the Rabbinical Assembly that Conservative rabbis only officiate at weddings when both the bride and groom are Jewish. Interfaith couples are warmly welcomed at all services and temple events, and are encouraged to consult with Hazzan Weber regarding any and all questions in which a dual-faith household may encounter.


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