Community Remember Me Orchard

Our purpose - Creating new witnesses to remember the Holocaust in the hearts of our children.

The purpose of the Community Remember Me Holocaust Organic Fruit Tree Orchard  program is based upon a need for remembrance of a crucial Jewish historical event, the Holocaust. The Remember Me program is initiated because as the Holocaust Survivors, the witnesses, age and pass away we MUST find a way to remember those who perished and we must NEVER FORGET.

Remember Me –
Remember the lost children in the Holocaust Organic Fruit Tree Orchard. 

I AM here to Remember what my father and so many others can no longer remember.

I AM THE WITNESS of the lost children of the Holocaust.

Never forget.  Never again.

It is more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended, and in memory of the six million, one way to never forget is through the Remember Me Holocaust Organic Fruit Tree Orchard Program where any person may plant a fruit bearing tree in remembrance of an innocent child who perished in the Holocaust.

Temple Beth Sholom received a generous grant from the Jewish Federation of Sarasota Manatee and matching grants from the Rosenthal Family Fund and Blumenthal Family Fund to build the Community Remember Me Holocaust Organic Fruit Tree Orchard located on the campus of Temple Beth Sholom.  The TBS Go Green Fund sponsors a professional horticulturalist to tend both the Remember Me Orchard and Community Kibbutz Garden.

To start the ordering process for a tree planting in the Community Remember Me Orchard, please fill out the participation form on this site and forward to the Temple office.  One may memorialize both a lost child from the Holocaust from the Yad Vashem database and a family member with a tree.  The Federation's webpage regarding this program can be found HERE.
  • CLICK HERE to plant a tree in the Community Remember Me Holocaust Organic Fruit Tree Orchard on the TBS campus by filling out this Participation Form.

For more information, please contact Temple Beth Sholom at 941-955-8121.

Remember Us: The Holocaust B'nai Mitzvah Project
  • CLICK HERE for the website
  • CLICK HERE for additional materials
  • CLICK HERE to request the name of a Lost Child from the Remember Us website for a B'nai Mitzvah.  There is a voluntary fee of $36 to reserve a name of child lost in the Shoah which is paid directly to the Remember Us program.
  • CLICK HERE to access Yad Vashem's database of Lost Children
  • CLICK HERE for ABC7's coverage of the Orchard's Ground Breaking event on April 7, 2013

Links about the Holocaust
  • CLICK HERE to see the PBS Frontline Special "Never Forget to Lie" about Holocaust Survivors returning to their Ghettos.
  • CLICK HERE to see the CBS "60 Minutes" Special about a long-secret German Holocaust information archive.
  • CLICK HERE to read about Memories of the Righteous detailing the Lieca Camera Company's role in the Holocaust.
  • CLICK HERE to read about Micheline Zauberman, a displaced child from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's "Remember Me?" program 
  • CLICK HERE to see a video about Le Chambon, a French village which saved thousands of Jewish children

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