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Support of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2013

Tikun Olam, or the repairing of the world, is a major theme in modern Jewish social  justice theology. Tikun Olam is usually expressed as an activity, which must be done by humans in partnership with God. At Temple Beth Sholom, Tikun Olam is not just an expression, it is becoming a way of life. 

Temple Beth Sholom in support of our local Sarasota County and City government passing of the Precautionary Principle, adopted the Precautionary Principle, which asks for elimination of potential hazards to health  rather than accepting a level of harm.

Temple Beth Sholom  actions reflects  the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism  Precautionary Principle Resolution  which asks that “research regarding the potential of widely used toxic chemicals to cause harm to children be conducted”

Of significant importance currently, the “Safe Chemicals Act” of 2013 is a new bill before congress which signals a clear intention to protect families from toxic chemicals linked to serious health problems. The Safe Chemicals Act responds to increasingly forceful warnings from scientific and medical experts — including the President’s Cancer Panel — that current policies have failed to curtail common chemicals linked to diseases such as cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, and more.

As Jews interested in the health of our children and grandchildren, and in the spirit of Tikun Olam,  we at Temple Beth Sholom wish to initiate a national letter writing campaign to congress  asking for support of the Safe Chemicals Act.

To affect this campaign, during the month of October, Temple Beth Sholom will post  the documentary film, A Chemical Reaction. This film recounts how the Precautionary Principle became the national law in Canada. 
A Chemical Reaction involves the actions of one physician (Dr June Irvin) in a small rural town called Hudson (Quebec Canada) who started to notice diseases in her young patients as the town was becoming urbanized with golf courses and lawns.
Her meticulous findings thru scientific method of herbicides and pesticides in the blood serum of her patients led her to conclude her patients were being made ill unknowingly by chemical exposure.
The physician operating under what she believed was an ethical imperative to prevent, rather than merely treat disease, convinced her local township to adopt the Precautionary Principle. The chemical industry reacted, (ergo the name A Chemical Reaction), and sued the doctor and the town in the Canadian Supreme Court, where the chemical industry LOST! The Supreme Court then voted to make the Precautionary Principle the national law in Canada regarding residential use of pesticides which it remains today despite continuous legal challenges
We will post and screen A Chemical Reaction  on U-Tube sometime in the Fall 2013,  in conjunction with national organizations such as GreenFaith and the Jewish Greening Fellowship, in the hope of inspiring a national letter writing campaign to congress  asking for support of the Safe Chemicals Act.

We ask for all to join and support this worthwhile effort and help protect our children and grandchildren for future generations by helping to get the Safe Chemicals Act of 2013 passed into law.

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