Elliott Corn announces a reason to celebrate....

"On Tuesday, January 31 at 8:00AM, the truck arrived with the new chairs for the sanctuary.  We had put out a call for volunteers to unload the truck, and what a response!  A total of twenty hard working volunteers/staff showed up and went to work.  This team unloaded, transported, unwrapped, inspected, and placed 328 chairs in the sanctuary in an hour and fifteen minutes.  WOW!  Everyone worked like a well-oiled team as though we'd done this hundreds of times.                                                                                                     

And the chairs look GREAT!


I can't thank everyone enough.  Special thanks go out to several people for making this happen.  First and foremost, my deepest thanks go to Saul Zatz without whom this project of flooring and chairs never would have worked as well.  Saul was a rock, a fount of knowledge, information, and planning. For all her time and effort, I, again, want to thank Patty Shimburg for pulling everything together so it looks so fabulous; the sanctuary and social hall never looked so good.  Just so together!  Thanks, Patty.  And last but far from least, Ed (Mr. Forearms) Freshwater.  Ed single-handedly moved virtually every chair off the back of the truck.  He refused repeated offers of relief or breaks.  I only know how my arms felt after a fraction of those chairs, I can't imagine how his felt.


Thanks to everyone for making this happen so smoothly. - Elliott Corn"

Sanctuary Chair Volunteers

Michael Albert

Lew Amsel

Dan Boxser

Jeff Cohen

Elliott Corn

Adrian Diaz

Jeff Dillon

Ben Eisenberg

Joe Floersheimer

Bill Fogel

Maddie & Ed Freshwater

Alan Goldfarb

Jessica Green

Gerry Lahn

Stan Mitchell

Sue Rosin

Susan Serling & David Kessler

Saul Zatz





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