Temple Beth Sholom is proud to provide opportunities for life-long growth and learning, from 6 months to 120 years! Walk down the halls of its buildings and you will hear the sounds of children engaged in the educational programs we offer. Our children have the opportunity to participate in the Justin Lee Wiesner Preschool, the Goldie Feldman Academy and the Martin & Mildred Paver Religious School. All of these schools offer excellent and enriching programs where our children can explore who they are as Jews, as well as learn Hebrew, and explore Jewish traditions, holidays and culture.

Sarasota Temple jewishlearningThe learning process at Temple Beth Sholom is not limited to our youth. We believe that Jewish education is a continuous process of learning and growth. To that end, we offer diverse programs and lectures for our adult congregants. Whatever your level of knowledge and participation, and however varied your interests, we are sure that you will find a program that fulfills your needs. Come join us as we increase our Hebrew fluency, our knowledge of sacred texts and traditions, and our understanding of contemporary Jewish concerns.

Please click below for details on each of the educational programs offered at Temple Beth Sholom.


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