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Jewish Learning is a Lifelong Pursuit...

Sarasota Temple conglearningThe lifelong pursuit of Jewish learning in our congregation is a place where all kinds of learning that happen within the walls of our synagogue become unified. This creates a vibrant and inspiring world which nourishes both the heart and soul of those who pursue it.

At Temple Beth Sholom, we subscribe to educational principles articulated by our Sages, and strongly believe that “If two sit together, and the words of the Torah are between them, the Shechina, the Divine Presence, is with them” (Pirkei Avot, 3:3). In implementing these words of wisdom, we strive to create a learning environment where each generation finds itself intellectually challenged and satisfied. We strengthen the intergenerational ties by creating opportunities where we learn together and from each other. We nurture families on their Jewish journeys by constantly expanding family learning experiences. We weave learning into our social and worship experiences, as well as, our holiday celebrations.

Temple Beth Sholom sees itself as a congregation of learners; a community where every person is invited to enter through the gate which will begin their journey. As we grow in age and level of knowledge, we continue our journey along the path that constantly and seamlessly moves us from one part of the world of learners to the next one.

You are invited to explore Judaism through the many opportunities available at Temple Beth Sholom. Browse through the latest Continuing Education brochure and it will give you a taste of all the learning opportunities, both formal and informal, we have available for our adult learners. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

Check the monthly calendar and your weekly Happenings email for offerings.

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